Founded:The Late 60's
Location:Brooklyn, NY
Divisions In Bklyn And Other Parts Of NYC
Derrick "Champ" Ford
(Akbar) R.I.P
The Hawks Flag
"Champ" aka Akbar R.I.P
The Tomahawks Were Founded In Brooklyn, NY & At One Time Were The Biggest Black Street Gang in The Borough. They Had Vicious Wars With The Jolly Stompers & Other Brooklyn Gangs, One Of It's Presidents "Champ" Who Passed On Tried To Turn Himself Around After The Whole Street Gang Was Featured In The 70's Movie "The Education Of Sonny Carson" Which Is Where The Photos On This Site Came From. "Champ" Changed His Name To Akbar & With The Money From The Movie He Opened Up Alot Of Businesses In His Neighborhood, Including Later A Construction Business. He Was Known To Own A Horse & Ride That Sucker All Over The Projects Dressed Like A Wild West Outlaw, Many People Feared "Champ" But Ended Up Respecting Him More. The Tomahawks Eventually Faded Away As Many Died, Went To Jail, Or Just Changed Their Lives Just Like (Akbar) Did.

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The Tomahawks At Prospect Park, BK NY
The Tomahawks Movie Rumble
The Tomahawks Parade March
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The Tomahawks: At One Time The Biggest Black Street Gang In Brooklyn
The Tomahawks: At One Time The Biggest Black Street Gang In Brooklyn
Pleural Mesothelioma
Pleural Mesothelioma