Founded:The Early 70's
Location:Bklyn, NY
Brooklyn, NY
70s: Sticks Then, Bones
 80s: Alex-59(R.I.P) Then, F.B.I
 90s: Demon And Now
Dust With F.B.I As Supreme Pres.
Rest In Peace Froggy And Alex 59 M.F.F.M
The Majestics With Dirty Ones
The MAJESTICS also known as the MOB Started out in the early 70's in the back of a Housing project in Williamsburg called The TAYLOR WHITES, We started out as a Sweater Club with Navy Blue And Tan Colors. The MOB started out with the four  (4) founding members: STICKS the first Prez (RIP): ALEX-59 (RIP): FROGGY (RIP): FBI whom is now the Supreme Prez. The MOB's were known to throw Dances, and Play music in Parks, (Rock Contests,and House Music was the shit back then) Back then Other Clubs would also attend these gatherings like: The DUKES, The UNKNOWN BIKERS, The DIRTY ONES, The CRAZY-ONES, The DEVILS REBELS, SATANS SOULS, SPANISH KINGS, The SHEBAS, The EVOS,  DANCING EXPRESS, BROOKLYN KNIGHTS, CHINGALING NOMADS, FMDS, CRAZY HOMICIDES, BARLET BOYS,  BIG BIKERS S9ers and others. All was good Until one day shit hit the fan and mostly all the clubs went to WAR. The MAJESTICS became OUTLAWS and started flying PATCHES the MOB's brother club were the DIRTY ONES, and the Biggest Rivals were The UNKNOWN BIKERS. The WAR went on for years. Many brothers from all sides went to Jail, many died. The 80's came in and so did the mentality of making Money instead of fighting for turf we started making money together, and with it came PEACE ! Today those street gangs I have mentioned have all turned MC and everyone is at PEACE. Today once our youngest member is the PREZ of the MOB's DUSTY. I want to take this opportunity to give PROPS to some of my fallen brothers, May They Rest In Peace, I know there up there looking down at what they were so much a part of, and Loved and fought for so long: THE OUTLAW LIFE STYLE. R.I.P MY BROTHERS: STICKS, ALEX-59, FROGGY, GEORGE, GRAZY-CAT, DIRTY-JOEY, CARLITO, MIGUEL, NORMAN (CANO-40) and some of those other Brothers that ran with us, from the other clubs, that passed on, Main Cats like FEO-UnknownBikers, STANLEY Dirty Ones, DICE Barttlet Boys and others  : REST IN PEACE MY GOOD BROTHERS.            
Always Representing FBI MOB M.F.F.M
The Majestics M.C. NY
Majestics Forever, Forever Majestics
The Majestics M.C. NY Outlaw Style
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The Devils Rebels
Rock The House
The Majestics: Another One Of Brooklyn's Well Known Southside Street Gangs
The Majestics: Another One Of Brooklyn's Well Known Southside Street Gangs