Founded:Late 1960's
Location:The Bronx, NY
All Through NYC,
& Other States.
The Savage Nomads Were Founded By A Native Of The Island Of St. Thomas Named "Black Benji". They Are Regarded As One Of The Most Infamous Bronx NY Street Gangs That Are Known Worldwide, The Nomads Were Always A Mixed Club - They Didn't Have No Racial Barriers. In The Beginning They Were Called "Nomads On
Wheels" & Their Turf Was In The South Bronx, NY. As They Expanded They Spread All Over The 5 Boroughs & Even In Connecticut. In 1973 After "Black Benji" Got Locked Up Fellow Vice President: "Crazy Joe" Took Over As President Until His Death In The Early 80's. The Nomads Are Also Featured In The Following Documentaries: "80 Blocks From Tiffany's" 1979 & "Flyin' Cut Sleeves" 1993. The Savage Nomads Remain Active To This Day And Continue To Fly Their Colors Proudly In The Bronx, NY. Rest In Peace Crazy Joe, Crazy
Ted, Horse, Jamal, Mama, Cowboy, Smokie, Apache, China And The Other Fallen Savage Nomads Brothers & Sisters. S.N.F.F.S.N
A Big Thank You To Bambu S.N. For Bringing The Savage Nomads Back To The Website & Forum!
R.I.P Crazy Joe And Smokie
The Savage Nomads
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The Savage Nomads:One Of The Most Famous Street Gangs From The Bronx,NY

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The Savage Nomads:One Of The Most Famous Street Gangs From The Bronx,NY