Founded:Late 1960's
3 Divisions In BKLYN
(Bay Ridge)
Easy (R.I.P), Fat Johnny (S Pres.), Nuni & Crazy Richie
Caveman And Twin
The Dirty Ones Williamsburgh
Musa R.I.P.
Dirty Ones Bay Ridge
D.O.'s Late 70's
Dirty Ones Bay Ridge And Williamsburgh
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The Ghetto Brothers
The Crazy Homicides Inc.
The "Satan Souls" Gave Us Our Name "Dirty Ones" In Summer 1968, Che Was The Founding Pres., Then Came Petey 49, Then Came Tank 2 "Fat Johnny" As Pres. And Tank 1 " David R.I.P." as Sup. Pres. Then You Had The Myrtle Ave Div. Che was the Pres. It Didnt Last But About 3 years. Then In 1976 The Bay Ridge Div. Was Born With The Help Of EZ-1 R.I.P. Who Talked to Tank 1 R.I.P. And Tank 2 & They Gave The OK. So Twin Was The Pres., Mercury Was Vice Pres. And Chino 1 Was The Warlord. In 1978 Crazy 69 Became Vice Pres. Which He Was Pres. Of The Young Dirty Ones, Kojack R.I.P. Was The Warlord of Y.D.O. And NBC Was Vice Pres. All Y.D.O. Became D.O. in 78. - D.O.F.F.D.O

Psychologists have studied why so many adolescents have joined gangs even though there are so many risks involved. Experts like Cynthia Telles, who has worked closely with the Hispanic community in Los Angeles, think that young people join gangs because they act as a kind of surrogate family. Another reason some teens gravitate toward the gang lifestyle is that they believe they will acquire power and prestige. Dr. Telles and other psychologists would encourage them to consider how the negative aspects of gang life outweigh the supposed benefits.

The Dirty Ones: Brooklyn's Most Famous & Baddest Street Gang During Those Days
The Dirty Ones: Brooklyn's Most Famous & Baddest Street Gang During Those Days
Asbestos Cancer
Asbestos Cancer